8 camera CCTV installation in Compton Verney

CCTV installation at the office

It made sense to us in this day and age to keep an eye on our premises and vans when we are not around, and when we found out we could watch live footage remotely from our phones then we were sold. The system is so easy to use, we can monitor activity inside and outside of the buildings 24/7, which of course gives us peace of mind against theft, but even when we are inside the premises we can monitor comings and goings and even see who is ringing the doorbell before we answer!

The system would also be a lifeline should any of our lone workers need assistance, and we can instantly see if a random alarm activation needs attention in the middle of the night.

We’ve got the system hooked up to our phones and our Control Centre big screen so we can constantly record, monitor and replay all the activity inside and outside Breathe HQ. We can also upscale the system and add extra cameras as we grow.  

For our premises we installed a 5MP Reolink eight camera system with hard drive recording, remote monitoring and internal screen monitoring. 

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Admittedly I am a bit addicted to watching the CCTV live footage from my phone, but I am sure the novelty will wear off soon! The simplicity of it is key – I can make sure that my staff, vans and premises are safe all at once, which makes adding the system to my business a no-brainer.”

Neil Cusdin | Breathe CCTV

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